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written by: Rando Mithlo



I see you that day
In closing eyes, every angle
You're the outline most perfect
Pink incense cinnamon
Faces close, brown eyed deep
Sun warp thrust through me
Tan in you the real of real
Found in the esprit to see
Space Inverted, mod upsweep
Stacked blocks drawn in minds
Ignoring gravity
Focus on this expression
Dark in its settlement
Only now brightly lit
Banners whip all around
White gloved hand I held
You want this, and I'll belong
Had this sense of short lived calm
But, never said it was meant
Summer at a world's end
Chasing her velvet band
Forced a smile, I couldn't bear
Hair covered face, in wind, you wave
Take you to the other end
Numb of the consequence
How barely I understand you
Yet, live so the same
Whom stole time from then
The pavement goes bare
Fall in disrepair and disappear
A sunlit outline you filled

Rando Mithlo

Rando Mithlo

-Artist and Writer from Los Angeles currently living in Indiana- the bulk of my writings are short stories and poems that deal with a range of subjects including: emotional distress, strange happenings, thrillers and suspensestories.
Rando Mithlo

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