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An Ode to A Fallen Angel

An Ode To A Fallen Angel

written by: Fallen Engel


Moonlight falling over me, pushing the darkness of eternity
Your dark hair caught the wind. Chestnut eyes, red lips and
Pearly skin shined through the realm, your best traits. On a
Cold winter’s day you took your flight. Wailing your sorrow
For eternal tomorrows I stand at the gates of sin battling
My demons from within. Relieved there is no more pain
But in exchange, forever is such a shame. The heavens
Opened and received your perfect gift, a lotus blooming
In the mist. My realm like a black hole, the sky has fallen
And dotted with irritating stars. No spore of pride for me
Just haunting memories of you in my dreams. When I wake
I realize it was just a subconscious thought. All that you were
And how you loved me. Always imprinted on my mind.
Fallen angels never die.

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