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written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


If I were a she wolf
And had found
A helpless baby
I would breastfeed him
It is written naturally
In my heart

My family
It has always been my priority.
I always forget about me
My needs
Become secondary.
Yet I don’t care
Because I think I can handle
my pains.
What matters to me
Is being able to relieve pain
And supply the needs
Of the ones I love.

Never anyone
Hears me moaning
Or curse my luck
Regret a decision
Because I understand that life
Is a blessing
Being a caregiver
Is a grace and a gift
That God has reserved
Fully in my heart
It’s so comforting
Feel that those in my care
Breathe my affection
Become addicted to my fondness
Forgetting for a moment
their sorrow, their pain …

My heart
Will always be a nest
Warm and cute
Where there will always be love!

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