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We Live In Fear

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We Live In Fear

written by: Tijan Sanutee Kabbah Jr.


A young creature of 19 called –
Coronavirus has claimed lives
leaving the fewer with dread
so we live in fear.

Retiring to be continued
I weave farewell to my bed
to continue my daily regularity
where a magazine is a breakfast

Unfortunately, I pick up a wrong magazine,
a magazine that speaks of COVID-19
COVID that inks a mope in my head
ahead that reads through in slough of despond
to eye an imagination that penetrates lives in despair and untimely

Untimeliness that has created a vacuum
of loneliness & pain in me
the pain of distress which has eaten
away my hope
but death is not an optional answer to the distresses

So I pray
May God captained our narrow ship
through this misery
May God lead our scarier hearts
to the promised land.

Tijan Sanutee Kabbah Jr.

Tijan Sanutee Kabbah Jr.

Tijan Sanutee Kabbah Jr. is a Liberian high school emerging writer who uses his ink to spark out issue of global concern. He is a child rights activist, a speaker, a champion in the quest for justice, equality and non-discrimination.
Tijan Sanutee Kabbah Jr.

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