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Stay or Go

written by: Suze.M.Gray


She offered friendship
You accepted
When it became more
She backed away
You called her back
She saw your pain
Saw the hurts deep inside
Then you left
Now you are back
You have shown her in so many ways
You do not really care
You speak no words
She waits to know
Does she stay?
Or does she go?
She cares too much
She has said her words
And will speak no more
One day she will be gone
Never to come back
For unspoken words
Hurt the most
She has more to say
But her words are stuck



My dream has always been to be a writer. I have always written my thoughts down but never posted them anywhere until August of 2019 when I started posting on Instagram. I also paint and do hand-drawn mandalas for meditation. If you are reading this I thank you very much for taking the time to do so. A very dear friend on Instagram is always telling me that I should let my heart lead me and not my head. He too is a poet and musician. Now I will soar like an Eagle high in the Sky.

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