At The End Of The World written by Cindy Medina at

At The End Of The World

At the End of the World

written by: Cindy Medina



A solitary golden star sinks more deeply
into agoraphobic blue
Shining upon emerald lawn nurtured by
a godling’s tears of dew
The once festively set picnic table bereft
of all but plastic knives
Scent of fresh-cut melon and silver sparklers
vanished with bygone lives
Static confetti fills a public square hosting
a weirdly inverse site:
Lucia’s children with mouths sewn shut as
enemies flaunt their might
Lines of peacekeepers tread carefully o’er
a candy bridge aglow
Oblivious to silver slashes and blue flashes
and ghastly crimson flow
Eros’ once-bright flames are snuffed, Nyx’s
stellar lamps gone dim
Ianthe picks sacred violets as frost-haired man
recites a subtle hymn.

Oh, this can’t be!
must be
shall be
(already is)

dying world
epithets hurled
violence unfurled
tongues pearled

searing pain
black rain
scream again
rotting brain

mile wide
crimson tide
desperate stride
psychopomps ride

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