Battlefield Kiss written by Jose A. Tovar at

Battlefield Kiss

Battlefield Kiss

written by: Jose A. Tovar


My moon,
I must confess…
As you die, I die within.

I kept my adoration,
For your undivided affection.

I did not want
This lifetime to be complicated,
But I did want
My love to be forever reciprocated.

Anoint me with a kiss…
I may yet live to light the fuse.
Anoint me with a kiss…
I may yet live to avenge my muse.

This battle
Brought us doom,
But in our next rebirth
We’ll witness the full moon.

Jose A. Tovar

Jose A. Tovar

Inquiring freethinker undertaking a journey of moral and intellectual transformation: I strive, I search, I hunt for the hidden and forbidden, mold it into poetry, and let the shadows within me burst free...

B.A. in Political Science, former Analytical Linguist, and lover of liberty.
Jose A. Tovar

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