Fragrance of Love, a poem by Natalia Govsha at

Fragrance of Love

Fragrance of Love

written by: Natalia Govsha


Mid-summer glows
with bright flowers
and greenery of succulent herbs.
with the scents of the lakes.
The feverish wind
is spinning my head.
I will fall splashing
into the cooling waves,
spread my arms
and look into the azure sky,
blazing gold sun,
embroidered with lace clouds.
I’m in love …
in love with a mid-summer smile…

…Because only once
you will meet someone
who will turn your world
into a rainbow of colors.
Who absorbs every drop
of your iridescent soul.
Who absorbs
the whisper and sound
of your fluttering heart
and wants to hear more.
It is only once
to heavens you’ll sore
from fragrance of love.

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