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Isolation Period

Isolation Period

written by: Natalia Govsha


The night sky is like a timeless sieve.
Through it, the stars crumble and burn,
turning into ash, while reaching the earth
and covering my heart with layers of gray dust.

My heart, like an old attic, over the years
keeps hidden time like cobwebs of the past
in antique and dusty chests of memory –
there are nodules tangled on sticky threads.

And now I carefully unravel each of them.
All the pains disappeared without a trace,
because time stores what is deathless,
joy, love and tenderness – all miracles,

like priceless treasures given to me
and preserved in the antique chests of memory,
and what I’ll bring to the Mighty Giver,
returning to the blessed home forever and ever.



A coronavirus pandemic is a very difficult time for isolation. But at the same time it is a period of productive loneliness. This is the time when you can take your time to look intently into yourself – to create order outside and inside yourself. It’s time to consider all the inner nodes of your life and devote yourself to unraveling even the most beloved skeins. And try to rise to a new level of existence.

Natalia Govsha

Natalia Govsha

Natalia Govsha has been writing poems and prose all of her life and has been drawing for many years. She studies philosophy, alchemy and synthesis of religions. This knowledge is reflected in her poems, stories and pictures. Her first book of poems “Woman’s Diary” was published in 2015. “Woman's Diary”, a collection of poetry, shares a reflection of women who have surrounded her, with their own life and their own love, joy, sorrow, and suffering. From passion to splashes of love, to mistakes, break ups, revival and forgiveness, forgiveness and hope. Natalia’s second book of poems "IF YOU LOOK AT THE SKY" was published in 2018. This book about a person who wants to understand a single universal Mind that lives both in human beings and in the universe, initially and unconditionally; and who feels the vibration of true love - as the eternal primordial state of the world. Her drawings and paintings were included in the video films of various songs. They were also published in the magazine “Cinematic Codes Review.” Natalia Govsha lives in Mississauga City, a province of Ontario, Canada, with her family.
Natalia Govsha

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