written by: K. RADHAKRISHNAN


Some lament, I am too long and seem like eternity,
Many complain that I am too short, and wonder about my uncertainty,
I neither expand nor contract and run in perpetual motion,
Me, crawling, creeping, walking or running, it’s all your silly notion

Stories of emotion and of devotion, all ending in big commotion,
I stood witness to all right from the day of human evolution,
I do not rest and stand still, I flow unhindered forever,
I am always fleeting  and will be so, past, present or future.

I can’t be bought even with billions of tons of gold,
Yet, I allow you to adjust and make me mold,
I am the maker of moments and memories,
I turn foes in to friends and friends in to adversaries.

I am omnipresent, omnipotent, yet invisible,
In all human lives, I leave my mark indelible,
I do not wait for anyone, always on the run,
Some misuse me to lose and some use me to win.

Humans equate me to the ticking of a clock,
I leave imprints on the journey that humans embark,
I may seem bright or I may look bleak and dark,
I am immortal, my wheel keep on rotating in light and dark.

I am the cruel dictator, I am the determiner and evaluator,
I am the material factor, I am the string that pulls you in life’s theater,
I am both the destroyer and kind benefactor,
I am me, me time, the great annihilator and also a creator.


© K.Radhakrishnan

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