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The Year That Is Gone

The Year That Is Gone

written by: Sonam Arora


When the path of life takes a new turn
I realise it misses a u turn

There are more rough patches on the way forward
Than there were on the way backward

It will bring new responsibilities and charges on me
And mould the skill set that has existed in me

The year passed away
Like a stream of wave on the bay
It gave new learnings
Which are worth for a lifetime
And can’t be bought with a millionaire’s earnings

The year showed what life is about
After marriage, it’s only the new family
That you have to talk about

The year changed my residence, name and personality
Which brought in life so much practicality
That absence of emotions has become a reality

The years that passed away were more than good
As you have forgotten stories like Red Riding Hood
These are the phases of life
You realise only when you become a wife

As a daughter, you are ambitious
As a daughter-in-law, you are more cautious
Not in making the right career choices
But in understanding the household finances
Your direction in life changes
When your family name changes

You forget all your degrees and certificates
Because now you have a marriage certificate
All degrees become valueless
For aspirations of a wife are paperless

Becoming a woman from a girl isn’t easy
Cos the new relationships are hazy
You miss the home which used to be cozy
For now you can’t afford to act lazy

So, get up woman
Say bye to the year that changed your life
Prepared you for the coming years
Which you will live as a wife

Bid Bye to 2017
And Welcome 2018
With a hope
It will bring back
The moments of a teen!!

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