Song of Desperation written by Luiz Syphre at

Song of Desperation

Song of Desperation

written by: Luiz Syphre


Song of desperation
wrathing rivers flow

somewhere by a bay
like where once we’d lay
under moonlit rays

sometime after the stars
have lost their way
in this lonely world
and empty highway
I race towards the
orange skyways

my home is where your heart is
yet desperation always
blinds me to dismay
lost and astray
“all my love to you!”

song of joy
happy rivers flow
one, two, three and beau
watch your baby grow

someplace where
the sun and land
together plough
rows upon rows of rainbows
and seed gorgeous tomorrows
those harvests you’ve sown
with my sorrows

sometime after dusk has
crowned the night aglow
In a fairytale world
surrounded by love and gold

you race to him
on the city streets
in this desert cold
and I fold

home is where his heart is
and your happiness flows
thru my death throes
to him your
sweet surrender goes…


Luiz (racing) Syphre
© 2018
M&M Edition

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