Wanderers, poem by K. Radhakrishnan at Spillwords.com
Khachik Simonian



written by: K. Radhakrishnan


Strutting empty cobbled streets,
We are on our aimless beats,
In search of yet another strange land,
As our wanderlust goes on to expand.

Old indomitable souls with young eyes,
Aching legs but outcome no sighs,
Vintage heart and beautiful mind,
In the journey of life, God has ever been kind.

To a destination in ‘world’s somewhere,’
But to a place of ‘our own nowhere’,
In a quiet little town at the edge of the world,
Where unadulterated mirth in the soul unfolds.

Cruising through the oceans of our hearts,
Drifters and nomads with wild thoughts,
Addicted to the thrill of unknown paths,
Till not a single breath in our life lasts.

Charting oceans and blazing trails,
Like a kite that soars & a cloud that sails,
Trying to stop time’s wheel to a grinding halt,
Wandering, yet again for another assault.

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