The Fortune Wheel, written by Leanne Howard Kenney at

The Fortune Wheel

The Fortune Wheel

written by: Leanne Howard Kenney



Fun, frivol and free
She wows the judges gaining their assent
She will be marquee.

In blue
She broadly smiles
Spins, accrues, then it falls through
No matter, it will be back in just a while.

Yodeling competition
Chocolate, Alps, steak and bank
This Swiss week edition
Is beginning to BLANK
(sorry wrong apposition inquisition).

Then there was “Hot Yoga”
Rita, man
But do not put her in a toga
She needs a tiny bit better life plan.

But spin, spin, spin the fortune wheel rides
Until Rita’s bankruptcy gives Stephanie a try.
And with Paddleboarders a sure thing
Her only hope is to spin then ring.

“I will solve the puzzle,”
She says out loud, still befuddled.
“Happy Paddleboarders,” she yells.
And the laughter in the room swells.

Beaming with pride,
Sajak bestrides.
A gift puzzle she’s won
And she’s still not done.
$12,398 later, by far
My best friend Stephanie is a bonafide STAR.



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