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written by: Devereaux Frazier



Sunsets always jolt me awake
Bus rides to and from work begin to drain
Not my body, but my mind
The things I witness in half-time
Dimmed by Demi’s sultry tunes
Be still, my heart’s freaking out
It is, though, when I see the disease
the murder, and the mystery
That to me seems not just coincidence
But subplot in a world run by governments
Hellbent on guarding life from the living
And stringing death on a line for us to grasp
As if it’s something worth fighting for
The rich don’t get richer, the poor stay poor
Because everyone’s too numb to strive
And why try if you don’t know how
I can keep a secret, can you?
Politics are a prison if you close your eyes long
Keep them open and cardboard signs
Are glued to your hands, wrists, and forehead
Keep telling me that my vote matters
But another day, another dollar
Another black brother’s blood is splattered
There go the sirens, there go our fathers
Send my mama to the altar, empty handed
But ask for a tithe to keep your million
Dollar church intact, collections pushing back
I just don’t feel confident in me
I don’t feel confident in anyone realizing

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