The Effect of Love, poetry written by Rayna More at

The Effect of Love

The Effect of Love

written by: Rayna More


One glance,
one look,
one smile.

The unsettled beating of my heart.

Curiosity burned my mind
as a beauty, beside me, perched.
A longing,
a desire,
for him.

On first sight,
a mesmerising mystery,
on second,
a pure but saddened soul,

Together we sailed,
down understanding roads.
Our once separate forms,
I, his medicine and
him, mine.

One must love themselves,
before they can another,
or so is said.
But perhaps,
when two lonely souls cross,
the love is strong,
as switching two batteries.

The love of one on another is enough,
I cry.

The passion,
so soothing,
to my forlorn mind,
and just maybe,
to his.

What a beautiful figure,
out, as strong as the sun,
in, as gentle as a petal,
and oh so fragile.

His roots, damaged,
mine, crippled,
but together,
a new tree.
The old,
not needed,
the new,

Without him,
I’d fall,
I’d fail.
A part of me,
needing his everything.
And him,
ever soul-strong,
for me,
for us.

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