A Ukrainian Refugee Child, a poem by K. RADHAKRISHNAN at Spillwords.com
Ahmed Akacha

A Ukrainian Refugee Child

A Ukrainian Refugee Child

written by: K. RADHAKRISHNAN


Homeland became the mouth of sharks,
A rudderless boat rocked in pitch dark,
Even hell appeared safer than motherland,
Feet ran to meet unwelcome foreign sand.

Away from home, a person with no home,
Exhaustion has caused the mouth to foam,
Uninvited I carried my misfortune along,
Nowhere in the vast universe, I belong.

Heading for an unknown destination,
Victim of war between two mad nations,
Risked my life fleeing from terror,
Buried past, gloomy present, and no future,

The pains of past, prejudice of present,
Leaving a burden on my aching mind,
Where’s eluding peace for me to find?
To my misery, all the eyes turned blind.

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