Christmas Eve in a Little Boy's Bedroom, poem by Phyllis P. Colucci at

Christmas Eve in a Little Boy’s Bedroom

Christmas Eve in a Little Boy’s Bedroom

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



Christmas joy, Christmas peace
Christmas Eve comes tonight
It comes to life when the sun goes down
But its glow is super bright

Nocturnal yuletide melodies
Bring holiday bliss to all
Fancy flickering colored lights
Toy soldiers short and tall

They march around my bunk bed
Their steps are all in sync
I honor them with a child’s salute
and a calm and subtle wink

Snowmen approach my bedroom window
Peeking through the glass
Wearing smiles as they tip their top hats
Bowing their heads with class

I hear them glide across crunching snow
As they turn to walk away
To take their places back on the lawn
Awaiting Christmas Day

The Christmas train rolls ‘round the track
Vibrating across the room
I wait as it passes through my plastic village
Hurry! Hurry! Please roll around again soon!

The candy canes rise and stand upright
They dance as if on stage
My brother is still fast asleep
Still too very young an age

One day he will join me on this magical night
When the Eve comes a knockin’
With Mom and Dad sleeping like logs
He and I will certainly be rockin’

Our Christmas tree is spinning
To the magic in the room
The toys which slept on shelves all year
Are suddenly in bloom

…Oh no, the time is almost here
The watch hands tell me so
My heart is suddenly full of fear
Because I already know…

When Santa and his reindeer land
On my roof this Christmas Eve night
I need to be fast asleep
Or my Christmas stocking will feel quite light

So good night all, I’m off to sleep
Staring at the moonbeams
Merry Christmas all you folks
Hope to see you in my “Yule” dreams!



The magic of Christmas in a child’s life, can simply happen on Christmas Eve in their own special bedroom.

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