At The Twilight of Life and Death, poetry by Sumana Bhattacharjee at

At The Twilight of Life and Death

At The Twilight of Life and Death

written by: Sumana Bhattacharjee


Lazy morning, not so busy day,
Dusky evening ends with a hazy pray,
Scaring faces here and there,
Every moment we are living with an unbeknown fear.

A virus, Corona, made us so restless
Cheerful life lost all its grace.
Some adamant people, careless
Determined to be reckless.

Captivated live, lonely streets,
Woofing of some stray dog,
As if invoking some negative thoughts.

Social media, phone calls, television
Returning back to the same discussion.
Just a tiny virus engulfing the entire creation.

Uncertain future,
Yet positive mind waiting
For the day better.

Counting the days, thinking
After dusk, a ray of light is there.

Sumana Bhattacharjee

Sumana Bhattacharjee

Sumana Bhattacharjee is a bilingual poetry writer from India. She was born and brought up in Kolkata in a family of teachers. Since her childhood she's had a keen interest in music, poetry and drama. She is a published author and her poems have been published in many national and international anthologies, magazines and blogs. She is a founder of an online poetry group and an admin of some groups. She has been awarded with certificates from many literary groups. She is passionate about poetry and music and she wants to continue to pen until her last breath.
Sumana Bhattacharjee

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