A. Siegelster

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Sharing written by: A. Siegelster @asiegelster   In preschool we were taught to share with others, to share our various toys, to share our extensive ex...
A Sad Sonnet by A. Siegelster at Spillwords.com

A Sad Sonnet

A Sad Sonnet written by: A. Siegelster @asiegelster   A woman here I knew and one I loved, Her countenance surprising all who saw And made them stop an...
A Darkness at Spillwords.com

A Darkness

A Darkness written by: A. Siegelster @asiegelster   You described a darkness to me A vast, vast darkness, You couldn’t, What is it What is it What is i...
A. Siegelster

A. Siegelster

Born and living in Los Angeles, I am a poet and a student. I am a classicist, studying ancient and medieval Latin poetry, and working to write my own poems and to find my own voice. My poems range from the dark to the fantastic. I am not yet professional, but I am working my way there, working to get my voice out into the world. The mind constantly reels.