Speed Of Thought written by NÜK at Spillwords.com

Speed Of Thought

Speed Of Thought written by: NÜK @NUKnoE   The up woke state of mind 3 hours before 9 No coffee, Ill be fine Im Up! Why lie? When the sun catch my eye ...
Third Eye Wide written by NÜK at Spillwords.com

Third Eye Wide

Third Eye Wide written by: NÜK @NUKnoE   Painting with the breeze as it flows through the trees Brush strokes with the leaves, sun kissed in the eve F...
The Fork by NUK at Spillwords.com

The Fork

The Fork written by: NÜK @NUKnoE   While walking down a winding road It suddenly split in two Approaching fast was left or right I'd not know which to ...
Kiss & Make Up at Spillwords.com

Kiss & Make Up

Kiss & Make Up written by: NÜK @NUKnoE   Don't be mad Place the blame in the trash can Don't be sad Place your tears in a frying pan Don't harsh ...
What Is This?! at Spillwords.com

What Is This?!

What Is This?! written by: NÜK @NUKnoE   Took a chance on a Tweet To share the thought that I think A few words all unique This sites kinda neat!...


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