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Never Ending Nights

Never Ending Nights

written by: NÜK



Deep Obscure –

Formless with the shape of a blank Planck length
The trills of the day have finally overcame me
In the silhouette of the shadows of my past I sit silent
Slowly settling into a sleepless serenity
Erect in a folded fashion focusing frequently unto forever
Realizing that the sins I have committed will endure everlasting
Cursed the children by being born myself
Lamenting with a lavish laugh likened to lies from lovely lips
At the expense of expansive…or expanding eternal experiences
Consequently causing creative carelessness
There is just one eye…one me
Only I
But I see it all as it apparently isn’t
And I deliver it, regurgitated, in the best way I know
Knowing that I do nothing and still being shown extra little
Extra little…the bare minimum
Seems is left after giving the best of me to whoever is in need
Now it’s as if I have became what I am attempting to shield
Weapons of war used in the guise of Love
Peace –
Rarely found outside of Light
Mind Body Soul
Play the largest of roles
When keeping my mental under control

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