Broken Wings written by Poetanp at Spillwords.com

Broken Wings

Broken Wings written by: Poetanp @poetanp1   Dignity violated, confidence shattered Clothes and pride shredded to pieces Domination and not desire W...
Fallen Angel written by Poetanp at Spillwords.com

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel written by: Poetanp @poetanp1   Wings torn by perversity Light dimmed, halo faint Pray for the wings to heal For an Angel is born to fl...
The Drizzle written by Poetanp at Spillwords.com

The Drizzle

The Drizzle written by: Poetanp @poetanp1   Dark clouds mask the sun Raindrops quench the barren earth My soul tries to flee...
The Naked Souls by Poetanp at Spillwords.com

The Naked Souls

The Naked Souls written by: Poetanp @poetanp1   I reached out and touched her soul. Glorious ecstasy, intense desires A craving primitive and yet div...
Perfection by Poetanp at Spillwords.com


Perfection written by: Poetanp @poetanp1   If there is perfection in this imperfect world, then the Woman is it. Compassion, passion, intuition, grac...


An Indian poet sharing some musings his soul.