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Away From Me!

Away from me!

written by: Elaine M. Mullen



Away from me, you evil spirits of “overwhelmed!”
Away, you demons of “fear” and “dread”
Always hovering around, like a malignant mist
Trying to fill my head
With anxiety, stress and threads of discord
Portents of negativity and doubt,
To keep me stuck right where I am
Your motives I can do without
Helpless, powerless and impotence are the seeds
You endlessly try to sow
Amidst the flowers of my life, you are consuming weeds
I can empower you or stand my ground
Demanding that you leave!
Your only purpose is to destroy
Gloom is the thread you weave

To corrupt and prevent is your evil intent
Only I have the choice to be deceived by your malevolent song
Or throw you out of my successful life,
The one you said could only turn out wrong
Intemperate and inadequacy are your children
Constant in their disruptive noise and clatter
To disturb me in my better pursuits
Only I can say: “They do not matter!”
“Begone, before someone drops a house on you,
You have no power here!”
The Wizard of Oz was the primary cause
In discovering my incredible power
To listen to your ceaseless lies and deception
To shiver in the corner and cower
But, “No!”
I have had my fill of your incessant whispers of death
Acrimonious is your tone and defeat your very breath
With only one thing in mind; the destruction of me
I will challenge you in our daily fight and encounter
A battle, the likes of which, you will rarely see!

For I am not alone in my cause and struggle
With more weapons and soldiers than meet the eye
For I was weaned on the very battleground of survival, and
My motto is “Never say die!”


Copyright © 2016 – Elaine M. Mullen
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