Bound For Australia, poem by Linda Joyce Cooper at
Jubair Hossain

Bound For Australia

Bound For Australia

written by: Linda Joyce Cooper


Southampton Docks
We did go
Bound for Australia
2pm On the ship at last
3pm Seasick
12 years old
On the ocean with
Mum and Dad
3 sisters
And my brother
Bound for Australia

Through the monsoon
We did go
Big thick ropes
To hold onto
Portholes closed
Ocean wild
Stay inside
No one allowed on Deck
Bound for Australia

caught me too
Two injections
Bound for Australia

Lovely dresses
Mum had made for me
Now hung on me like sacks
I lost the tubby body
As the pounds fell off
At last we got to Oz
Bound for …
Now that’s another story….

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