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Caramel Creams, Make Me Scream!

Caramel Creams, Make Me Scream!

written by: Alisa Guttadauro




Trick or Treat,

My heart is racing,

At a quick beat,

Goblins, witches, vampire bats,

What is that noise?

It’s a creepy black cat!

Glowing eyes appear in the dark,

Sinister laughing,

The hound of Baskervilles barks,

A werewolf is baying at the full moon,

I hope someone comes home soon,

Shivers up and down my spine,

Am I in a movie by R. L. Stine?

The curtain just moved,

Is that a huge spider?

What the heck is in this cider!

Those gummy worms look awfully real,

I look in the mirror,

My face is teal,

I shriek so loud the paint starts to peal.

Blood is running down the walls,

Something is chasing me through the halls,

I’m sweating now, my breath is heavy,

Footsteps are getting closer,

I hope it’s not Michael, Jason, or Freddy,

If it is, I’ll really be in a spot,

Being caught by any in that horrifying lot,

Suddenly, a hand on my shoulder,

I feel my body go a few degrees colder,

Fear ripples through my veins,

I’m praying now; let me feel no pain,

Someone is shaking me, shouting my name,

I’m screaming my head off, “Please… Leave me alone!”

I open my eyes; someone is home,

It’s the lady I was babysitting for,

“Did you eat ALL that candy dear? No wonder you’re lying on the floor,”

My eyes were wild, was it all a bad dream,

Did I just eat too many caramel creams?

I felt very sheepish, as I stood up,

And she paid me while offering me water, from an odd looking cup,

“No, thank you,” I said, “I need to get home.”

“Very well,” she replied, “I hope he was no trouble.”

“I didn’t hear a peep,” I said, heading toward the door, on the double,

I put my hand on the doorknob, but something made me look back,

A shadow on the stairs, then moonlight glowing to where it was at,

A hair-raising voice spoke, as I was turning the knob,

And then I saw it, quickly moving toward me, like the blob,

I shot out of there like a bat out of hell,

And as I was running, I could still hear the creature,

“Where’s my playmate going mother, you said tonight she’d be the main feature.”

My ears were wringing, and then everything went black,

I don’t know how long I was out,

but I was glad to be back,

I woke up in my own bed,

with a cold cloth on my head,

“That was some fever you had!” MY mother said.

You scared the wits out of, me and your dad,

Then, she handed me a bowl, of caramel creams,

“Since you are feeling better,” she said, “You deserve a treat.”

I pushed the bowl away, violently shook my head clear,

and said, “I’ll never eat a caramel cream again!” At least, not until next year.

Alisa Guttadauro

Alisa Guttadauro

My name is Alisa Guttadauro. I am an Indie Author, and just published my first children's book. I have a passion for writing, which I developed in middle school. I also write poetry, and I'm a bookworm, spending many a day in the library.
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