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Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

written by: John Anthony Fingleton (Löst Viking)


They’ve just turned on the Christmas lights,
And changed the atmosphere.
It appears as if some magic spell,
Has come to fill the air.

They look much better in the night,
So, for the children, that’s a treat,
Wide eyed, walking with their parents,
As they stroll down Patrick Street.

And of course, the lovers come,
Walking hand in hand,
Whispering ‘sweet nothings,’
That only they can understand.

The old folk also like to view,
As they look and reminisce,
Of another Christmas long ago,
That was so much different from this.

Some lonely people come to take a look,
But I don’t know what they gain.
As afterwards they all return,
To an empty house again.

There’s a figure sleeping in a doorway,
At which the children stop and stare,
The lovers just walk on by.
For Christmas, he doesn’t care.

In this winter city,
Of harmony and peace,
There are people going hungry,
And sleeping on our streets.

Christmas lights in different ways,
Cast out different spells,
For some it’s really marvellous,
For others bloody hell.

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