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written by: Rochelle Foles



the convolution


i dreamt of you last night.
                         i know you’re          n      e      v     e      r
        coming home to me here. ever.
              now you speak the                why        out loud and i get it.

         we fan tasiZe of peaceful homes in the land of the language of love
and the jam we’ll make fresh in the morning from the 
                 tiny berries          that grow alongside the path to the garden.

                these things we speak to each other

         bcuz to say out loud
our physical bodiesmayverywellnevertouchagain
would leave me with
your footprintsinthesandofmyheartandsoul
and the crestof thenextwave beating againstthedoorofmyheart

                reality gone haywire
      one more piece 
              from the tinycoreofbeingiclingto


                        i dreamt of you last night.
you told me i would not find your reflection there
in the arched house beside the stormy cliffs.

when i arrived i found the mushroom trails of your essence

but not one mirror.

Rochelle Foles

Rochelle Foles

Rochelle began writing at the age of twelve. Encouraged by her local librarian, she cut her poetic teeth on ee cummings, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, all of whom continue to influence her writing today.

She is a logophile and her playful attitude towards words can often be seen in her writing through her use of fonts, space, spelling and design.

She considers it a privilege to be read and to be an active contributor to Spillwords.
Rochelle Foles

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