DEEPFAKE, a poem by Dilip Mohapatra at
The Digital Artist



written by: Dilip Mohapatra



In the digital abyss
where truth is blurred
lies a world of lies
where deep within the
deceptive pixels
the synthetic face
is etched with
the chisels
of virtual deceit
to proclaim the stolen
a tapestry woven
with digital code
a mirage of reality
on falsehood’s road.

With every click
of the mouse
and every seamless edit
the lines are erased
between the
fact and fiction
and the magical wand
of the generative algorithms
creates the illusion
where trust is at stake
and truth
is butchered
on the altar of
the treacherous

But yet
we still have hopes
to expose
the hand of the evil
that draws
from its insecurities
and excavate the veracity
from the labyrinth of
the lies…

… because for every shadow
there is a light.

We have to just
embrace the shadow
and we will eventually
find the light
which is its creator

as well as its

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