Adult Adultery Adulteration, poetry by Dilip Mohapatra at

Adult Adultery Adulteration

Adult Adultery Adulteration

written by: Dilip Mohapatra



All of us without
any exception
emerge from our
cocoon of childhood
through the states of
the caterpillar and chrysalis
to our adulthood
with dreams in our eyes
and unwavering zest
in our hearts
we explore the labyrinthine
adult landscapes …
we survive
we strive and cope
to realise our dreams
and fleeting strands of hope
our explorations bear fruit
and while we rejoice
over our success
we search out our soul mate
and tie the knot
and enter the realm
of commitment and responsibility
and presumably
the territory of
true and pure love
under the pledge of
‘Till death do us part’…

Then the sly serpent in the
garden of Eden smiles
and gives a wink
while Adultery whispers
its tantalising call
a siren song
tempting one and all
and the heart sways
adrenaline does the rest
and without any guilt
nor compunction…
you don’t hesitate
to take the plunge
to steal another
person’s affection
while hiding in the
elusive shadows of
Krishna and Radha
justifying your action…

You claim that
love need not be
confined to only one partner
it can co-exist
with another
as the hearts are free to stray
but love by itself
remains as pure as ever
but wait…
another term comes into play:
qualifying for
a synonym perhaps
in its treacherous display
contaminating the purity
and making mincemeat of
the trust that keeps love intact
the vows vilified
the sanctity sullied
and the bond once broken
continues to stay
and irreversible….

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