Dew Drops, a poem by Nafisa Shabbir at
Dan Carlson

Dew Drops

Dew Drops

written by: Nafisa Shabbir


The dew
Sparkling on the leaves
That hang on the tree
Which stands in the wood
That lies over yonder
Makes the leaves glint
And the trees sparkle
It touches the bird
Who gives a loud cackle

It beautifies the scene
Is worthy of being seen
A lovely pearl-drop
It is – and has been
A lone tear drop
With a long heaved sigh
Aware of the fact
That it was born to die

Everlasting joy
In spite of its transience
The dew does provide
By a feat of endurance
The joy of the flower
Who melts in the dawn
Is the lovely dew-drop
On the flowers in the lawn

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