Early Spring Snow, a poem by Barbara Harris Leonhard at Spillwords.com
Ralph Nas

Early Spring Snow

Early Spring Snow

written by: Barbara Harris Leonhard



All is gray on our drive to the wetlands.
I shudder in the chill rising off the river.
A heavy fog huddles on the banks.
Tonight the sky stretches white,
as though the moon is seeking a view
from behind a lace veil. My lungs
are hollow in this air. I fear that snow
is on its way and will take the yard
and my route to the car. But I welcome
the buffering drifts, my hedge against an icy world
determined to plow you under. Scrape your vision dry.
The morning light will strike the shadows
into glistening mounds around the daffodils,
bowing to the weight of late winter weather,
smothering the boughs of the elm and pin oak.
Still, the birds will sing as though it’s spring—
as though they’re free.

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