Evening Walk, a poem by Glynn Sinclare at Spillwords.com
Dylan Freedom

Evening Walk

Evening Walk

written by: Glynn Sinclare



Evening walk on empty streets.
A ghostlike figure, furtive in his approach,
afraid to catch my eye.
I keep safe distance, standing well back,
allowing safe passage.

Never in my life time, did I foresee,
a time like this, his fear
I saw it in his look.
if by my look, I could transmit
Covid 19

Still the birds they tweet.
And the dogs they bark and say.
You are in lockdown, not I.
The breeze it blows.
and the river it flows.

And the world keeps moving on.
One day we will say, with a look of dismay.
Do you remember 2020
A pandemic, a lockdown, a stay home.
The lessons we learned.

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