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written by: AngelFace44



Why do I try when it matters not?
Rules to be followed by no one but me.
It appears that others can do what they want.

Triple the work and double the stress.
Why work such long hours
when there’s no one to impress.

A pat on the back or thanks would be nice.
For your mess I cleaned up
not just once, but twice.

Wish I could be lazy and a slacker too.
But the problem with that is
I’d be just like you.

Guess I’ll continue doing what I do.
With commitment and integrity
I’ll set the example for you.



I have always had a love affair with books and am an avid reader. I recently started writing poetry and have fallen in love with it. Expressing myself through the written word is a great release. Sharing my work with others and being welcomed into the communities of other writers is amazing.

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