Finding My Voice, a poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker at

Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

written by: Kenneth Vincent Walker


I found my voice soprano
High as lovely birds chirp
And quip at the passersby.

Their charming harmonies
Are light and quick wisking
Me away in Nature’s bliss.

I found my voice singing
Tenor tones with a richness,
A warmth, to melt the snow.

Ringing out like a bell
Heard near and far echoing
In the distance even more.

I found my voice dip deeper
Yet, as a grizzly forages
In the forest and is a threat.

A baritone growling, snarling,
Teeth and spit; skulking back
Into the darkness for a nap.

I found my voice guttural,
A lowly bass, that rumbles
Like thunder and shakes;

Vibrations, sensations that
Seem out of place because
My voice doesn’t match with

My countenance, my face.

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