Flash of Madness, micro fiction by Phyllis Souza at Spillwords.com
Mariana Montrazi

Flash of Madness

Flash of Madness

written by: Phyllis Souza


I turn abruptly, hearing the words, “I hate you!” I don’t enjoy feeling that way, but it happens. I look into the mirror, searching for a reaction from my reflection, but none. I pick up a tube of lipstick and start painting my lips on the mirror.

“Talk to me,” I demand, hitting my forehead with the heel of my hand. “Stupid, stupid, stupid fool.” I hear the face in the mirror say, “Stop it.” I set down the tube and draw big eyes with a black eyebrow pencil. “Now, can you see me?” I ask the reflection.

I hang my head low, feeling dejected, and eventually slump to the floor, my knees lock onto my chest. I fall asleep, and time passes. The only sound is the silence. I love the nothingness of nothing.

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