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Fun Pun

Fun Pun

(Provinces of Canada)

written by: Silverlady


Once upon a time,
I went on a trip to the North,
With a lady who said ‘Am Erica,’

We sat in this plush Car,
That did Nada,
So we hopped onto a Van,
Which had a lovely artwork Couver,

Among the passengers,
I met someone called Winni,
An odd lady who had a Peg,
In her brown hair,

Our stop was at an Old Tower (Ottawa),
With our guides being Cal & Gary,
We were given a run through history,
Including that of the British Colonials (BC),

Our tour driver then told us,
We are going to a Mont,
I thought he was joking,
But it was Real,

The view was exquisite and surreal,
Dotted with lakes, hills and a Grand Prairie,
Unraveling feelings of ease,
And a heart that was wholly merry,

We then moved the Tour Onto Surrey,
Where I realized I was hungry,
I alerted the driver to take us to Kitchener,
Where we can get food for dinner,

He roared in laughter,
Making me look like a silly dafter,
He told me to rest at Bay,
For there was a diner to the North of
The washing bay right on our left side.

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