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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

written by: Michelle Ayon Navajas


we drifted apart for years
stumbled upon each other
again in tears,
and in between, love humbled us,
faith kept us grounded,
despite all the fears;
of starting anew,
of letting go,
of breaking the barriers-
will this year be,
the year we finally say,
“Happy New Year?”

we yielded close to oblivion
like darkness in the dungeon
for days months and years,
I lost count, gosh!
I barely remember;
the tears I’ve cried,
the pains I’ve agonized,
the aches I’ve endured-
will this year be,
the year we finally say,
“Happy New Year?”

we succumbed to the whims
and caprices of being young
and restless,
tortured our hopes and our dreams
’till there was none to begin,
no more wantings,
no more needings,
no more longing,
yet, in the silence of our stubborn hearts, we dare and say
“this year will be, the beginning of our forever.”

no more doubts,
no more hesitations,
not even a room for “what-ifs”
and “what could-have-beens,”
for we are certain (amidst all the uncertainties today) we claim;
“this is a Happy New Year.”

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