Henrhyd Falls, a poem written by Matthew M C Smith at Spillwords.com

Henrhyd Falls

Henrhyd Falls

written by: Matthew M C Smith



Beneath these rocks,
the green-steepled ravines,
forests of firs,
screens of trees,
somewhere, a rush of river.

From overworld, overflow,
rush of falls, fury, froth
to an obscured eternity.

Flies scud in half-light,
glint in glacier ruins,
where minnows flicker
in golden shallows
and bodies wade silent
and turn, waist-deep,
wash awhile, wallow, bathe.

There are worlds in water,
shadowed reflections
in opaque tumult,
dreams, horrors,
vacancies of mind
and behind, downwater,
through dark gorge of trees,
sunless black streams,
another world,

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