Highway Forty-Four by Harlee Gifford at Spillwords.com

Highway Forty-Four

Highway Forty-Four

written by: Harlee Gifford



Alone she lay beneath highway forty-four,
Unknown is she, but he’d been that way before.
Her fingerprints long gone, along with the electric cord,
it was a love gone wrong, a mistake he couldn’t afford.
Her screams tattooed in his head, blood footsteps on the floor.
Her lover was a secret, that weekend he’d wanted more.
She couldn’t commit, losing her family and all
Enraged, he lashed out. Ending her life right there.
A mistake she’d made, continuing the affair,
Silence rang loudly in his ears as he realised what he’d done.
Ten year’s later, his secret still lives on.
Until her story is told, her soul will never die.
He’d never sleep again, so long as he lived a lie.

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