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Into The Dream Realm

Into The Dream Realm

written by: Nesma Mahmoud Sobhy


It was a long night for her after returning home. A very long shift with no one to greet her. Only loneliness whispered into her ears like a soft passing puff, “Hello, my darling.” She switched on the lights and hovered to the kitchen. She opened the fridge, taking out the frozen leftover food with no joy in her eyes. “For what shall I be happy?” she questioned herself, swallowing whatever her hand reached. “That doesn’t feel like a happy meal,” her mind spoke, blaming her for this miserable life. “Just shut up,” she said firmly, consoling herself, “soon I will meet my loved ones,” she mumbled before she moved into her sleeping room, her safe spot! The secret wonderland that no one understands but her essence. She cuddled the blanket, surrendering to her bed’s warmth. “Hello, my friend?” she said with a giggle. A cheerful tone that no one heard before. “I missed you as you missed me,” she added shyly before she closed her eyes, begging for sleep to come fast.

Soon enough, her universe was different. This one was colorful, her home was lively and filled with laughter and hope. There was a family waiting for her return. They spoke to her with shining smiles, asking her about the day and the future. Perhaps, fooling around too, watching a movie or two with big sacks of snacks. “You have to stay with us,” a little boy said. “Don’t you wish to see us all the time?” a little girl added shyly. “He doesn’t bother her! You know it’s just an escape,” an older man and woman spoke wisely with a comforting smile. “I-” she was puzzled, unsure of what decision to take. “I want to stay. I want to be loved,” she said faintly. “But I know this fantasy can’t be real. Not for a long time,” she dropped her head in sadness. “I shouldn’t be selfish. For now, I will take what dreams give me.” She smiled, lifting her head with hope, looking into every eye that confronted her. “Maybe one day this will be my reality,” she comforted herself, staying a few hours inside her fantasy before her eyes opened again to repeat the same lonely circle of loneliness once more. But this time was different; this time she would fight for reality and not just dreams. She values her life as she opens the exit door of her home with a wide, cheerful, genuine smile.

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