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It's A Heavy Thing...

written by: Sharon Carter-Wray


Don’t know where to begin
But it is a heavy thing
Weighing on my mind
Words that should be said
Falter on my tongue
Unspoken upon my lips
And silent
Within my heart instead

It is a heavy thing I bear
The weight of others’ woes
When none enquire
About my own
But I am to care
Feel sadness, pity
And empathise
Appearing whole -
Complete in their eyes

It is a heavy thing
That I hold deep inside
There’s little appeal
When I see their
Concern for others
And the motives
That lie behind
They will never see
My torment
Or the tears
I dare not cry

It is a heavy thing
To not say
How I really feel

Sharon Carter-Wray

Sharon Carter-Wray

I am a very creative and arty person, and that is reflected in everything I do. I have been writing for 40 yrs, but it's only been 18 months since I began sharing my words, thoughts and creations with the world...
Sharon Carter-Wray

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