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Joy Interrupted

Joy Interrupted

written by: Devonne Brown



In the field of high grass and daisies.
It squeaked when I moved it back and forth,
I couldn’t help running ‘round with it until it went fast.
I climbed on and got right in the center
and let the wind blow my hair around my head.
I stood in its middle and smiled
the empty playground turned around me.
I never got to do that when I was a kid, but always wanted to.
I held up my arms and let the breeze blow right through me.
Glorious sun kisses all over my upturned grin.
Too bad the moment didn’t last long.
Kids jolted and stomped and screamed from nowhere,
like the little monsters children are
when cut loose on sunshiny days with wild flowers blooming.
Little hands reached out to me.
Help them hang on.
I did what I could,
but it wasn’t enough.
I was their center
a merry-go-round
Some let go.
Some couldn’t hang on.
They’d sling off into the grass and onto the rocks
and get boo boos and skinned knees and elbows.
They’d cry and run off and need band aids
until somebody’d kiss it better for them.
I didn’t sign up to be adult supervision that day.

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