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La Calle Del Sol


written by: José A Gómez


En la calle del Sol
Se encontraron dos viejitos
Para darse unos traguitos
Y comerse algo con sal
Aunque le cayeran mal
El maní vino a la mente
Todo paso de repente
No se pudo remediar
Ni tampoco evitar
Que se cayeran los dientes.

Jose A Gomez

Jose A Gomez

SEPTEMBER 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Why I write? I can give you thousands of reasons but nonetheless it's a desire to chat, and share my thoughts with you; ideas and motives that can make us discern, and help us comprehend why things are so. Should we be in accordance or not, I've met my goal which is to make you think.
Jose A Gomez

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