Magdalena, a poem by Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi at
Ayo Ogunseinde



written by: Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi



You bear the name
Of forgiveness and temptation
No stones were cast
And I won’t be the one
To change ammunition

Strolling through Dublin
Those memories petrified
Grey and red bricks
Immortalized in Georgian houses

The Sugar Loaf in the mist
Those drops of pain
Sprayed liked a dripping arch
Even the Triton seems to laugh

I have been in hell
And most of me
Is now chained there

But a glimpse of smile
A stroke of beauty
An instant as a token
The links are broken

Perpetual flames
Mutated into honeycomb
Molded on your body

I am no ashamed
To fantasize of the sweet
To feel of it the taste

You bear the name
Of forgiveness and temptation
If I surrender to temptation
I will be forgiven then
It won’t be a stone to be cast
But only love at last

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