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written by: Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi



I touch your hair
Flames of the dragon
Blown on your body
Peeling the pain
Out of my skin

The hotel looks
Like a castle
“My throat is tingling…
…I close my eyes and wait”

Emerald blood
Two circling dragons
From each other

I don’t know your name
I call you Penny

Boston is worth a Penny

Let’s meet
At Yvonne’s
Whilst the world
In stand-by
Is so drain

Negroni in the glasses
Oysters on the table
You lose the earring
I drop the shell
The soul sinks
Dispersed in your smile

And I am surprised
To write of love
I thought it was dried out
Like mud in my wounds

I don’t know your name
I call you Penny

Boston is worth a Penny

Join me here
This dirty old town
Is the temple
We can create together
Merchants and Gods

Paradise and hell
Now melted
As sacred water
For our roots

Be the flowers in my tears
Be the life in my life
At least for a while
Just offer me the time
To know your name

Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi

Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi

Massimiliano Bianchi was born in Rome (2 October 1974), the job of his father implied a change of location every three years leading to integrate the journey as a constant of his life. He lived in several Italian cities to then settle in the beautiful Verona at the age of 12. After his undergraduate studies in Italy, he obtained a PhD in Neuropsychopharmacology from the University of Nottingham in England. Massimiliano worked as a neuroscientist for the pharmaceutical industry first in Italy, then in the United Kingdom, France and finally Ireland, where he created a private neuroscience research company based in the prestigious Trinity College Dublin. In this University, he is also Adjunct professor of the Neurobiology and Pharmacology of Depression. A professional neuroscientist and poet during the spare time, in his poems Massimiliano revisits psychological and introspective themes such as the human mind, existential traumas, the relationship with the ego, the journey, the encounter with spirituality and the nature. His first collection of Italian poems entitled “Odysseus – A poetic journey” was published in 2018 by Oedipus Edizioni and the second part "Argos - A poetic Journey/The Battle" will be published by the end of 2019. Massimiliano is now finalising his first collection of English poetry entitled "The Sweny's Collection".
Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi

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