Summer Lie, poetry written by Joni Caggiano at
Timur Romanov

Summer Lie

Summer Lie

written by: Joni Caggiano



laughter, like sand sticks to us
an opening in my white, silk dress by a timeworn nail
gusts cool my bronze skin, like the resonant fluttering of angel wings
reality plays hopscotch with memories
sunshine caresses the thick fibers of your gold-flecked curls
cheeks flushed, ornamental stones hang from my scarf
scarlet hair tied loosely back
calluses on bare feet, chiseled with the maps of my stories
smells of vanilla, sandalwood, and coconut
socializing with the salty air
floating on invisible petals which fairies journey on
towards the sea, as I fear my summer fate will follow
fretfulness moves inward as a calm wave inches up my legs
I wave goodbye, his kiss still on my sated lips
my tears, prisoners of the ocean, as are her mermaids with golden tails
trying not to glance back
my lungs let out a sigh
summer and love, too often born within a lie

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