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written by: Simona Prilogan


He rings up mornings
Thriving the sunshine in a room
And smiles he brings me
With his kind-hearted voice’s comfort.
Warming the distance between our yearning corridors.
“Morning, bella ragazza
Ça va? Everything alright, fată frumoasă?” He asks me
Melting languages in a pot of lovingness,
Adding cream of candied sounds
And a bit of magic hugged in the sweetened voice’s inflection.
“Bien, merci, mon cheri.”
My answer blooming through my heart’s beams
Beating crazy in a teenager’s style,
Butterflying the aura of my wounded year.
“Tutto a posto?” I ask him, knowing that
Another day might get him another heavy bite.
We both are sharing hefty, bruised shadows from yesterdays.
Each of us from unalike paths but so matching
To the core’s sorrow.
“Rendez-vous sur le chemin de la Tamise, today…”
“Sure, let’s do it!”
The energy of water is amazingly reviving our depths
While our smiles are wholeheartedly speaking the same language,
One of cheerful hope, of caring humanity
Despite the blue struggles from the past.
Yet victoriously chanting “We did it, honey, we did it!”
Somehow, in a good way, we survived
To the tormented current bloodshed
Slaughtering our mother lands,
Running our days from the inconvenience of slavering
In others’ fields of war,
where we were marching the values
In the muddy camps of injustice.

Today we are carrying with us some weighty marks
Under we still individually hold back our doubts.
A part of each other was nearly murdered by war
Yet still is watering the wild and delicate flowers of courage.
The telluric calling sparking the chambers of hearts
Is speaking of love for our hometowns …
Colours, flavours, our mother tongues,
Nuances, shadows, sunrises, sunsets are painting
Memories capsuled in a fragile frame of lovingness
Helping us to shape our present language.

We are here, sipping our morning coffee in Paul’s walk,
Regarding the future with a sincere togetherness,
Remembering always and forever
That the great, perfect unconditional love
Is only from the Creator
Sharing an entire Universe
In the blossom of kindness, brotherhood,
For the humankind to keep the candles of compassion
Forever lifting the heart and soul.

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