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My Anchorage

My Anchorage

written by: Dr Santosh Bakaya



It rained and rained
Ah, I felt so drained.
The skeletal pines in the wind rattled
Badly bruised and battled.
Lo and behold, soon, the russet shadows of the evening
Closed around me, ah so softly.
The trees raised their arms loftily
No more did the pines appear battled.
Now the leaves happily lisped and prattled.
Wreaths of milky mist rose from the meadows
Like ghostly shadows.
The sound of a song, broad and sweeping
Floated over the willows constantly weeping.
The sun riding proud
Appeared from behind a lavender –tinted cloud
Gilding the edges of a few more clouds in the crowd.
Lovely evening, lucid and peerless
Swabbed it dark face, now tearless.
Soon the sky was in a red, hot rage
Unfazed by its outrage, I had found my anchorage.

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