My Wings, a poem by Kate Figurska at

My Wings

My Wings

written by: Kate Figurska



It started with few stolen feathers
A gentle cut on my skin,
I could no longer reach the stars.
Much lower, but still, I could fly.

I played with the mountains and sky,
I checked all my limits and fears.
I tried, I risked and I failed
Grin still wide on my face.

More feathers were gone another day,
Tips on my wings cut to blood,
It weakened my body, my soul.
I wondered, if I could still fly.

I set myself for a takeoff,
My feet barely above the ground,
I ached the whole time, I played
With trees and rivers and lights.

Bit, by bit they cut my wings off,
In between whispers and talks,
They shattered my dreams, my heart.
Now, I could never fly.

I walked slowly on the earth,
Cherishing the silence around.
The ground welcomed my feet
Inviting me to the dance.

They would have stolen my feet,
But I’ve learned to distrust their words.
Too late I’ve chosen my freedom.
My happiness without another soul.

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